Association Jeunesse Constructive/Constructiv\'Youth Organization

Association Jeunesse Constructive/Constructiv\'Youth Organization

"Patriot" Caravan: A Citizen Offensive







It has become very rare today to hear us talk and/or discuss with real conviction on nationalism, unity, sacrifice, patriotism, courage, humility ... in short all those who deeply values lively Cameroonian pioneers. We have less and less likely to drink to us source of our historical and cultural heritage, yet of immeasurable wealth.


Between tradition and modernity, desire for westernization and our desire to avoid an abrupt break with sacrosanct healthy habits your old, shimmering between present and annoying past binding;

We must recognize that we are pulled and weak entangled in infernal labyrinth of widespread anomie where the quest for our true identity, essential to any development, is more than ever in grip of obscure threats.


Succeed the difficult challenge of combination of our traditional positive values with those of a demanding modernity, changing and sometimes dangerous; here, I believe our challenge is to us young people, and by all of us.


Such a bet implies a perfect knowledge of our traditional positive values; because these values are often ignored or poorly perceived by generations which the majority belongs, and because they are accused of disuse once analyzed often distorting prism of post modernity.


It seems to me that the most urgent bet remains incorporation in us, of these aggregates; with support of seniors.


For flight to emergence or strengthened, it would have these above-mentioned values cease to appear as fanciful ideals and incompatible with our present to become realities, felt, experienced and used by each of us having for a strong, united and indivisible nation.


This is why I advocate for each to have knowledge of its history, its past, and positive values underpinning the culture to which he belongs or where it originates.


Analysis done, we would say that causes of neglect and progressive oblivion is not so much to seek in ourselves, that we are factors extrinsic and involve our surroundings and all the institutions responsible for the moral, historical and cultural knowledge?

Far from being arbitrary and unfair, discharging us from any responsibility in this crisis of values, our involvement has been far less.   The responsibility is shared, and it is only by relying on solidarity which this “Patriot” Caravan is for an intergenerational synergy, this inherent value to all, that we will become aware of what we symbolized (The present, the future and hope), like our brothers/friends on Boko Haram line.


This approach is not easy, because we are like a form of dereliction which as pernicious and perverse effects conveyed by globalization (especially via Internet) added a sneaky and insidious form of imperialism cultural lined with virtual ignorance of our history and values.


I speak about cultural tolerance, patriotism, solidarity, dialogue, citizenship, volunteerism and other; is it for something if several are unaware of the deeper meanings? Our “Action with Effects” is a continuation of what you have previously considered simple-sounding phrases devoid of any real meaning, previously promoted by our seniors.


Yes! And with all my strength, yes! A safer belief, more reassuring and more radiant than death dictates that response whose echo will cross your hearts.


I confirm to you, dear all, we will not leave you to your own fate! Because I know, some believe and even say everywhere, that we, at crossroads of values and struggling with demons of all kinds, had other issues that suicidal wandering through mountains, seas and deserts.


In addition to lying to those who little believed, by small business which we open here a base with more than jobs to many of us, makes as many opportunities; thus, we invite those who are committed to adventure to return to work with us to demonstrate to those of our seniors who did not seem to trust us, that emergence is possible before 2035.

I conclude by drawing your attention to the fact that the action of “Jeunesse Constructive” salutary or less (as you define it); alone cannot guarantee the outcome of a project of such a scale and of such importance. This is a task for all of us, politicians (who are our guides and our references), our parents, to teachers, to our diaspora.

Long life to “Jeunesse Constructive”!


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